System Center Configuration Manager – Prerequisites Check Guide

System Center Configuration Manager – Prerequisites Check Guide


In this guide, we will be walking through the steps in getting you started with System Center Configuration Manager current edition. We will be covering everything from planning your infrastructure, to preparing your system center environment with SQL and Active Directory Schemer, even covering things from Application Management, Task Sequence Management and Updates, plus more.

If you are new to Microsoft System Center, I highly recommend reading the following Microsoft Docs which I won’t cover to much since Microsoft have said it rather nicely for us:

You will need the following prepared for this guide:

  • SCCM Current Branch Installation Media:
    Have a good read of the Microsoft Docs Get Installation Media to find out where you can download your copy of SCCM Installation Media. Or you can download the evaluation versions from HERE.
  • Clean installation of Windows Server setup and configured, with domain join and static/reserved IP.
  • Required Network Ports opened (review Network Infrastructure Considerations for details)
  • Domain Service Account created for SCCM (Role Based Permissions)

Prerequisite Checker – Download and Validate

Once you have downloaded the Installation Media from your advised source, we should run the Setup Down-loader to both update our installation files and verify that we are using the latest version and files. If you require to install an older version (for whatever reason), you can skip this step to prevent media from updating to the current branch.

  • Mount your media (.ISO in my case)
  • Navigate to <ConfigMgrInstallationMedia>\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64.
  • Double-Click Setupdl.exe
  • Specify the path for the folder that will host the updated installation files, and then click Download. (Setup Downloader verifies the files that are currently in the download folder. It downloads only files that are missing or that are newer than existing files. Setup Downloader creates sub-folders for downloaded languages, and other required sub-folders.)
    To review the download results, open the ConfigMgrSetup.log file in the root directory of drive C.

Prerequisite Checker

By design the Prerequisite Check runs as part of the setup, and will ask for validation before continuing. Read the Microsoft Doc’s HERE for the different options of running the Prerequisite checker.

In this case I will be running the Prereqchk.exe from <Configuration Manager installation media>\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64

  • Run CMD as administrator
  • Navigate to <Configuration Manager installation media>\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64
  • Run: prereqchk.exe /LOCAL

This will run a scan of the server to make sure all the prerequisites have been completed. In this case we will get a number of errors because so far we haven’t performed any of the prerequisites. As best practice, it’s always good to run this first to double check that we haven’t missed anything and in case something may have changed since the latest current branch requirements.

SCCM Prereq Results

In the next section we will go through a quick overview on installing each prerequisite.

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